About the School of Biochemistry

The emphasis of Biochemistry at Bristol is unashamedly on the biomolecular processes that underpin human health and disease. These approaches dominate both our research and our teaching programmes.


Our research studies extend from fundamental single-molecule studies of biomolecules through to whole cell imaging. The quality of our research is recognised in previous rounds of the Research Assessment Exercise, in which Bristol Biochemistry has consistently rated as one of the best UK Biochemistry departments. In RAE2008, we were placed in the top five biological science departments in the country (out of 51 returned under UoA14). Research in the School of Biochemistry is supported by approximately £9 million of competitively awarded, external income per year.


The enthusiasm for research from our school community directly inspires what we teach, and this is borne out in quality and satisfaction ratings across our teaching. For instance, in the most recent assessment of teaching quality and student support, the Quality Assurance Agency awarded the School of Biochemistry a score of 24 out of 24, and annual National Student Survery results consistently confirm 93 to 100 per cent of our students are satisfied with their undergraduate experience at Bristol.

Our excellence in teaching also carries students through to life after university: our graduates are popular with employees for their extensive grounding in the fundamentals of biochemistry, and their clear familiarity with quantitative biochemical methods.

A high proportion of our undergraduates proceed to postgraduate study, at both the University of Bristol and other institutions. We have a strong record of doctoral training in the school and are part of several training programmes, including the BBSRC South West Doctoral Training Partnership, Synthetic Biology Centre for Doctoral Training, and Wellcome Trust PhD in Dynamic Cell Biology.


Substantial investment from various sources has meant that the majority of research and teaching laboratories in the school have been refurbished in recent years. This, and the excellence of both staff and students, provides an unrivalled environment for research and teaching to flourish.

Professor Kate Nobes, Head of School of Biochemistry

"These web pages are intended to give a flavour of our current activities. Perhaps you might be inspired to join us for undergraduate or postgraduate study, or as part of our vibrant and enthusiastic research community."

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