Equality, diversity and inclusion

Here you can find information about key University policies covering matters relating to the University working environment, as well as key contacts and general information on work life at the School of Biochemistry.

"The School of Biochemistry recognises the value of every individual and aims to create an environment that respects the diversity of staff and students and enables them to achieve their full potential.

No individual will be unjustifiably discriminated against and the School of Biochemistry acknowledges the following basic rights for all members:

  • to be treated with respect and dignity
  • to be treated fairly with regard to all procedures, assessments and choice
  • to receive encouragement to reach their full potential

It is our aim in the School of Biochemistry to ensure that we actively promote a positive, inspiring and inclusive environment for all of our staff and students regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability."

Professor Nigel Savery, Head of School of Biochemistry

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