Widening participation

Bristol Biochemistry is actively engaged in bringing cutting edge science to school children and the public, and also further promoting the equal opportunities available in careers in science. It is our aim to allow people to experience University life, should they choose to do so, regardless of their age, gender, disability, background or race.

Some of the School's activities include

When you arrive at the University of Bristol, the Careers Service works to support students so that they have equal opportunities to access graduate opportunities regardless of their background. This includes opt-in targeted support for students from widening participation backgrounds so that they can build the knowledge, networks and professional skills they need to translate their degree into a successful graduate career.

Support Includes

To find out more about our targeted careers support for widening participation students, and student eligibility requirements, visit the Equality and Diversity section of the Careers Service website.

Get involved!

For further information about how to get involved in WP activites, please see the Faculty widening participation webpages or contact: outreach-fls@bristol.ac.uk 

Life Sciences Faculty Engagement Officer: Gail Born

Biochemistry Widening Participation/Outreach lead: Jamie Littlejohn

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