HPC documentation and training

HPC support

Please email hpc-help@bristol.ac.uk to report any issues and request support using our HPC systems.


Our team run a programme of workshops in the autumn and spring terms to help our users get up to speed with Linux and HPC.  Workshop slides and online training materials are available on our ACRC training page.

A short recorded talk introducing key concepts related to HPC and the facilities available at University of Bristol is available: 'Introduction to HPC at University of Bristol' | Microsoft Stream‌. You can also download the Introduction to HPC at University of Bristol slides (PowerPoint with narration).

Linux and the Command Line Interface (CLI)

You will need to understand how to use a Command Line Interface (CLI) to work on our HPC systems. 

We recommend you follow this short Introduction to the Command Line Interface course to help you work on our HPC systems. 

If you are new to linux we recommend this short online linux tutorial and our Intro to Linux and Intro to HPC training courses.

BlueCrystal 4


BlueCrystal 3

BlueCrystal Phase 3 was launched in 2013 and was retired in December 2021.

If you have moved to BC4 from BC3 the following guide may be useful: Quick Guide on Moving from BC3 to BC4.

HPC help and support

Please read our HPC user guides and how-to guides. Email hpc-help@bristol.ac.uk will full details of your problem or error if the guides don't answer your question.

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