BlueCrystal technical specifications

BlueCrystal Phase 4

Phase 4 was primarily designed for large parallel jobs and work requiring the Nvidia P100 GPUs.

BlueCrystal Phase 4 (BC4) is now available to all HPC users at the University of Bristol it is capable of up to 600 trillion calculations per second.  Please email if you need access to BC4.

The BlueCrystal Phase 4 user guide also lists the software installed on BC4.

BlueCrystal Phase 4 Hardware

Phase 4 has the following technology:

  • Each of the 525 Lenovo nx360 m5 compute nodes has two 14 core 2.4 GHz Intel E5-2680 v4 (Broadwell) CPUs, and 128 GiB of RAM.
  • There are 17 extra high memory nodes, each of which has 512 GiB of RAM.
  • There are 32 GPU nodes with two cards each, plus 1 GPU in a login node, totalling 65 GPUs.


BlueCrystal Phase 3

BC3 was retired in December 2021.

BlueCrystal Phase 3 Hardware

BlueCrystal Phase 3 has the following specification:

  • 223 base blades which have 16 x 2.6 GHz SandyBridge cores, 4GB/core and a 1TB SATA disk.
  • There are an additional 100 identical nodes that can host dual GPGPUs. At present we have 76 NVIDIA K20 in 38 nodes.
  • 18 large memory nodes each containing 256GB of memory and 16 processors.
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