Annual unit withdrawal

All units should be regularly reviewed to ensure that academic standards are maintained and the unit is developed within the context of the discipline and the programmes to which it contributes.  This review should take into account feedback from students and staff on the unit, and consider whether the unit content, intended learning outcomes, teaching and assessment are still appropriate and relevant to the discipline and the programme.

To ensure that the Unit Catalogue is up to date and does not become cluttered with units that are no longer in use or being updated, Schools should, as part of their regular review, consider whether a unit has continued relevance to their programmes.  When a unit is no longer required, they should formally withdraw it using the normal approval process. 

Alongside this AQPO carry out an annual withdrawal of units (after checking with Schools) that have:

For a step-by-step guide on withdrawing a unit, see the Unit & Programme Management System BEAM Page.