Padlet enables you to integrate interactive and collaborative activities in your teaching, synchronous or asynchronous. A padlet can contain text posts, images and other media. Depending on the settings you choose, students can comment, or react to posts, or add their own posts and content.

You can use it to enable students to:

  • Share ideas.
  • Express their views or experiences on a topic in a shared space.
  • Take shared notes during a live session.
  • Give feedback on a recent activity.

Once you have created your Padlet, you can share a link to it or embed it in your Blackboard course.

Getting started

The University of Bristol now has a site licence for Padlet accounts.  There are two types of accounts, teacher and student.

Teacher accounts

  1. Please email with your request. You will receive a confirmation email when this has been completed.
  2. To log into your new University of Bristol Padlet account please go to (make sure you are using the correct URL, NOT and choose Log in with Microsoft
  3. Once you have logged into your UoB account you will be asked if you would like to import any Padlets from your free account.  See these instructions to import a Padlet from your free account into your UoB account.

Student accounts

Students need to visit and Log in with Microsoft. This will autogenerate them an account.


I can’t create more than 3 padlets

Please check you are using NOT

Padlet is not showing my old account to import work

Please check you are using NOT

I have only got a student account and I am a teacher

Email the request to change your account details to

My Padlet is visible to the whole university/ not visible to my students

Please check your Padlet privacy settings.