Hybrid Teaching

Hybrid teaching refers to synchronous live sessions in which both on-campus and online students are taught simultaneously. This provides an alternative means of attending live, on-campus sessions for students who are unable to be physically present – for example, if they are unable to travel to Bristol.

Hybrid teaching relies on technology being set up to allow online students to hear and see what is being taught in the room. You will need to consider how students, both in-person and online, can participate actively in a session, for example, via a poll or by asking questions, and how your session can be recorded for those who can’t attend live.

Room set up – what is available?

Across the teaching estate we have different levels of in-room equipment to support hybrid teaching. The room a session is timetabled in will impact on the way in which remote participants can interact.

A list of rooms showing those equipped for hybrid teaching is available. Details of the work being done to equipped rooms until October 2021.

Automated or Manual streaming

You need to consider whether your streaming and recording is going to be automated or needs to be manually enabled. Automated streaming is available in rooms with Re/Play recording boxes and will only be possible where teaching is also being recorded.

Automated streaming will be switched on automatically from central timetable data, but only if it has been requested for the unit. Unit Directors or Heads of School (or their delegate) should request streaming for a unit. Requests should be submitted to the IT Service desk and contain the unit code, unit name, name of requestor, and teaching block. This only needs to be requested once for a teaching block or year. Once confirmed a link will be automatically added to the left hand menu of the relevant Blackboard course.

Manual streaming requires a manual intervention by teaching staff to start the live stream. This will need to be done for each event to be streamed.

Further information on Re/Play streaming.

Different in-room equipment levels

Fully equipped interactive

Fully equipped interactive audio and video conferencing

A number of medium and large central teaching spaces are equipped for interactive, video-conference-based hybrid teaching. Here, the in-room audio and video can be shared with remote students via a synchronous collaboration environment such as Collaborate, Teams or Zoom, and remote students will be able to speak to the room.

IT Services information: Using a fully-equipped video conferencing enabled Central Teaching Space.

Broadcast +

Broadcast streaming and additional online interaction eg text chat, polling

The 103 medium and large central teaching spaces already equipped with Re/Play recorders are able to stream live teaching via the Re/Play recorder to remote students. The presenter's audio and contents of the screen will be streamed via a browser. Viewers will not be able to interact with the presenter via that stream. Interaction with remote students would need to be achieved via a text chat such as in Microsoft Teams, or through interacting on shared documents, Mentimeter or Padlets.

IT Services information: Re/Play Broadcast + Streaming.

DIY interactive

Plug in mics and webcams for DIY interactive audio and video conferencing

Small teaching spaces (under 30 seats) and most non-centrally managed spaces do not have Re/Play recorders. Information on the in-room equipment is being updated on the central room list, but this room list provides a quick overview of the level of equipment available in rooms. Rooms which are neither ‘Fully Equipped Interactive’ nor ‘Broadcast +’ are known as ‘DIY interactive’ rooms.

This means that these rooms don't have an automated method of streaming, and have no fixed equipment for hybrid. If hybrid teaching is required in these spaces, staff will need to set this up with peripherals such as USB microphones and webcams which they will take to the room with them and plug in at the start of the session.

These peripherals can be requested from IT services – please discuss with your school manager first as some schools are preparing bulk orders.

IT Services information: Connecting a USB Microphone to a UOB teaching computer for DIY streaming.