TEL developments 2014

There are a number of TEL developments this year, including upgrades of both Blackboard and Questionmark.

Blackboard upgrade

The 2014 Blackboard upgrade has been successfully completed.

More information on the Blackboard upgrade

Blackboard course rollover

Once again, the content of this year's unit courses will be copied into 2014-15 versions from 1st August. This means that you may see 2013 as well as 2014 courses on Blackboard. Historic and current versions are clearly identified by a year suffix. The default availability of Blackboard courses for units from previous academic years will change from 2014-15.  2013-14 units will by default be available to students, with staff able to make them unavailable if they wish.

More information on the course rollover

Online submission

A new section on e-submission of coursework has been added to the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught programmes, under Conduct of Assessment 17.22 to 17.27.

A new online marking tool is now available in Blackboard. The "inline grading" tool allows markers to annotate work directly in Blackboard, without having to download and upload files  (3 minute video tutorial)

Questionmark Perception (QMP) upgrade

The 2014 QMP upgrade has been successfully completed.

Wimba Create replacement

A project is underway to identity and establish a suitable replacement for the Wimba Create authoring tool.

More information on the Wimba Create replacement project

Lecture capture

Lecture capture is a University-wide project to introduce new recording technology to some lecture rooms across all faculties, in order to support student learning and create a standard approach for recording lectures.

TurningPoint 5 upgrade

TurningPoint is a technology used in face to face teaching scenarios to facilitate interactivity, enhance feedback process on multiple levels and collect data from students. In the week commencing 23 June 2014 there will be a University wide upgrade of the TurningPoint software to version 5. This release contains several improvements but also interface changes for users. In conjunction with the upgrade, enhanced TurningPoint support pages will be available.

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