Questionmark changes summer 2019

This page is for staff who use the Questionmark online assessment platform. It provides important information about changes to the service in Summer 2019.

What has changed?

From 5th August 2019 our previous self-hosted Questionmark platform has been upgraded to version 6 and migrated to the cloud-based On Demand service. 


What's new in Questionmark V6 

Questionmark On demand provides some new functionality for accessing the system, developing content and delivering assessments. If you are running an online assessment please read the following information carefully

The Authoring Manager has been decommissioned. The Authoring Manager has been decommissioned and is no longer in use. As a result, you won’t be able to connect to the new server using your installation of Authoring Manager. The authoring functionality has been replaced by Next Gen Authoring, an advanced web-based interface available alongside the Administrative interface. See the Authoring Questions and Assessment page for more information.   

Single Sign On for both students and staff. Students and Staff will now be able to access the system using their UoB credentials. Your previous staff Questionmark password will no longer work  

Use the link provided on the main Questionmark page or this link As an administrator you will no longer need to have a guest account to tryout assessment. Your scheduled assessment will appear under the Scheduled Assessment tab. 

Publish assessments. Publish is a new functionality of the system that requires you to publish an assessment before it can be scheduled. You will need to re-publish your assessment every time you make any changes to the questions or the assessment. Your current assessments have been migrated and published so if you are making any changes to questions or assessments from now you will need to republish the assessment. 

Printing Assessments. If you need to print your assessment, please visit the Delivering Assessment page for instructions about how to do this.  

Link to Questionmark for kiosk.  The link to kiosk mode has changed to 

If you are running invigilated exams in a room where kiosk mode is installed, please contact your local IT support to change the link in Kiosk mode 

Importing  new participant accounts into the system 

Please noteNew staff accounts can only be created by the Digital Education Office. Contact the DEO in the first instance.   
In order to enable students and staff to access the system with Single Sign On new users must be imported using an Excel import template file.  See “Managing participants and scheduling in QMP” for more information and instructions and to download the templates for UoB users and/or Externals.


This work was essential as our current version of Questionmark, Perception 5.7, would no longer have been supported by the company after July 2019. On Demand version 6 offers several benefits, including: 

What do I need to do? 

You should not need to do anything - your content in Questionmark has been moved for you. 

Further information

Login links and support materials are available on our Questionmark webpage.

If you have any queries, please contact the Digital Education Office.