WebCT Migration

What is WebCT?

WebCT was a virtual learning environment solution, developed by the University of British Columbia. In 2006 the two companies (WebCT and Blackboard) merged, and Blackboard version 9.0 is the first release of their flagship product combining elements of the two companies' VLEs.

Why migrate to Blackboard OLE?

The Programme Executive approved the business case for the Integrated e-Learning Services (IeLS) project on 25th September 2009. The IeLS project extends our current Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) provision significantly beyond the basic “Learning System” to the full Blackboard Learn software suite.

The Department of Electrical Engineering, in the Faculty of Engineering, has for many years been using WebCT, rather than Blackboard, as their VLE.  The Department of Electrical Engineering is looking to migrate its WebCT VLE to Blackboard OLE, both to take advantage of the new features it offers and to obviate the need to purchase a separate licence for WebCT, and also to allow support for users to be provided by the central Blackboard support team.

The Migration of WebCT work package will deliver the transfer of all Electrical & Electronic Engineering units currently held in the WebCT 4.1 VLE into the Blackboard OLE, maintaining all content and functionality where possible  - so long as the functionality of the existing units held in WebCT can be maintained..

Currrent status

The WebCT migration has now completed.


For more information, email: Han.Highland@bristol.ac.uk