Course rollover

On Friday 28th September 2012 we completed the course archive and rollover process. 2011-12 courses (already unavailable to students after resits) have been hidden from members of staff in order to avoid potential confusion when editing . Staff wishing to have access to last year's courses should send this form to  listing the courses to which they want access.  If staff wish they can also make archives available to their students.

As part of the summer 2012  upgrade, improvements have been made to the annual Blackboard course rollover. These developments aim to save staff time and respond to staff and student requests for archives of previous years' courses to be more easily available on Blackboard.  These changes only apply to SITS unit courses.

  • 2012-13 SITS unit courses will appear after the upgrade, from 6th August 2012, identifiable by the suffix 2012-13 after the unit code. These will automatically include copies of all content from the corresponding previous year's unit (if available in 2011-12), or will be blank courses for any new units. By default all of these courses will be set as unavailable to students, to enable staff to update and prepare them beforehand. See details of copied content.
  • 2011-12 SITS unit courses will be automatically archived, meaning staff do not need to spend time making archive copies themselves. Archives will be clearly identified to avoid confusion when editing. When you click on an archive course the first page you see will inform you that it is an archive. View screenshot of archive course entry page.
  • These 2011-12 SITS unit course archives will remain visible initially, identifiable by a unit code, so that they can be accessed by re-sitting students.  After resits have finished , in order to avoid potential confusion, SITS unit archive courses will disappear from view, but can be made available to staff again on request. To request that courses be made available please fill in this form and return to If staff wish they can also make archives available to their students. Please make sure that you edit the 2012-13 versions, which will be clearly identified by the suffix 2012-13.

You can choose to group each year's courses by using Terms. This will show 2011-12 and 2012-13 SITS units separately. Move your mouse to the top right of the My Courses box on your Blackboard home page and click on the small wheel icon, then tick "Group by term", then "Submit" You can also choose which courses you want displayed and whether you want course names, course IDs or both.


Friday 27th July

Please stop editing Blackboard SITS unit courses so content can be included in course copies

From 6th August

2011-12 SITS unit archive courses available to support resitting students.  New SITS unit courses for 2012-13 will start to be visible (unavailable to students) identifiable by the suffix 2012-13 after the unit code , with content copied from corresponding previous year's unit

Tues 31st July to Fri 3rd August

Upgrade period: Temporary replacement service available but please do not edit

After resits have finished

2011-12 SITS unit archive courses will be hidden to avoid confusion. Archive courses can  be made available again on request.

Before Semester 1 starts

Remember to make courses available to students. See instructions.