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Project description

From October 2011,  all students and staff will have access to Blackboard Mobile TM Learn.  Blackboard Mobile TM Learn will make a range of Blackboard information, tools and activities more easily accessible on mobile devices via University of Bristol "apps" for iPhone , iPad, Blackberry, and mobile devices with Android operating systems. 

The purchase of Blackboard Mobile Learn was highlighted as of prime importance by our students, expressed in the ESU's Attitudes to Mobile Learning Survey, in which 79% of respondents expressed a wish to access Blackboard using their mobile devices. We are delighted that funding was found to make this possible in such a short timeframe. Initially we have funding for Blackboard Mobile TM Learn for two years.  Students will be able to easily browse announcements and information alerts, access grades and feedback and update blogs and discussion boards via their mobile devices.

“Mobile Learning has huge potential for institutions looking to enhance student engagement and meet student expectations.” (Aaron Wasser, Director of Blackboard Mobile.)1

Blackboard Mobile TM Learn requires staff to undertake no additional training, or to rewrite or restructure their existing Blackboard courses, though there is a link below to some ways you could make your Blackboard courses more mobile friendly. It is hoped that Blackboard Mobile Learn will provide staff with a  more flexible (and possibly quicker) way to access courses and stay informed about course activity, while allowing students to get personalised information about their learning delivered to their mobile device.

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Project contacts

  • Hilary Griffiths
  • Pete Herbert


  1. RealWire (2010 ) University of Manchester Goes Mobile with Blackboard [html] 14 Sept 2010 viewed October 7th 2010

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