Sustainable Food Systems in the Face of Global Human-made Catastrophes


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Bristol Collegiate Research Society (BCRS) Symposium & Public Lecture

Hosted by the Bristol Veterinary School (Faculty of Health Sciences), on behalf of the Bristol Collegiate Research Society, this symposium and public lecture will bring together international experts to highlight the recent advances and interventions in sustainable food production in the face of human-made catastrophes in a global context.

Academics, industry partners and policy makers are encouraged to attend. We look forward to welcoming you to Bristol.

Event Programme

The Challenge of Providing Healthy, Sustainable & Equitable Food for All

Public Lecture
Thursday 23rd March 2023 18:00 - 19:30
Bristol City Hall, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR

Professor Sir Charles Godfray is a population biologist with broad interests in science and the interplay of science and policy. He has spent his career at Oxford University and Imperial College London and is currently Professor of Population Biology and Director of the Oxford Martin School at Oxford. His research has involved experimental and theoretical studies in population and community ecology, epidemiology and evolutionary biology. Currently he is working on the control of malaria vectoring mosquitoes using novel genetic interventions, and the health, environmental and economic consequences of changing patterns of consumption of meat and dairy. He is particularly interested in food security and chaired the Lead Expert Group of the UK Government Office of Science’s Foresight project on the Future of Food and Farming and until recently chaired Defra’s Science Advisory Council. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2001 and knighted in 2017.‌

Sustainable Food Systems in the Face of Global Human-made Catastrophes

Thursday 23rd - Friday 24th March 2023
Wills Hall Conference Centre, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, BS9 1AE

Pandemics & Global Health

Day 1 Session A (10:00 - 12:30)
Chaired by Mick Bailey & Mark Eisler
Coffee & Refreshments available from 9:30
Andrew Dowsey (10:00)
Symposium introduction
David Matthews (10:05)
Professor of Virology, University of Bristol
"The likely origins of the next pandemic"
Marion Koopmans (10:40)
Professor of Virology & Head of the Erasmus MC Department of Viroscience
"Epidemics and pandemics in a changing world"
Coffee Break with Sustainable Taster Session (11:30)
Gary Foster (11:50)
Professor of Molecular Plant Pathology, University of Bristol
Director of the Connected Network for Vector-Borne Plant Viruses
"Climate change changes the distribution of vectors of plant viruses"
Sion Bayliss (12:25)
Bristol Veterinary School, University of Bristol
“Rapid geographical source attribution of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis genomes using hierarchical machine learning”

Climate Change, Global Food Security & Health

Day 1 Session B (14:00 - 16:30)
Chaired by Dan Bernie - Met Office
Chair’s Intro (14:00)
Pete Falloon (14:05)
Met Office
"Climate change and the UK food system"
Jan Semenza (14:35)
Head of Health Determinants Programme at European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
"Climate change and cascading risks from infectious disease"
Daniel Milner (15:05)
University of Bristol, Mathematics
“Evaluating the Resilience of Agro-Pastoral Livelihoods to Environmental Change in East Africa”
Kate Jones (15:09)
Cranfield University
“Fertiliser price hikes – a crucial opportunity to adopt climate-smart techniques, or the last straw for coffee farmers?”
Anna Gardner (15:13)
University of Cambridge, Department of Geography
“Value For Her? Gender and Africa’s Changing Food Systems”
Adrianna Jezierska (15:17)
University of Bristol, Business School
“Climate-diet discourse of healthy diets on social media”
Lucy Vass (15:21)
Bristol Veterinary School, University of Bristol
“Modelling the effect of climate on antimicrobial resistance prevalence and its application to UK dairy systems”
Nina Ockendon-Powell (15:25)
University of Bristol
"Nutritional risks from vector-borne crop viruses in a changing climate"
Coffee Break with Sustainable Recipe Cakes (15:30)
Jim Hammond (16:00)
Research Fellow, International Livestock Research Institute
"Convergent crises? Experiences of the rural poor in East Africa"
Andrew Dowsey (16:30)
Day 1 Close and Signposting to Keynote Public Lecture

Think Global, Act Local

Day 2 Session A (9:30 - 12:00)
Chaired by Taro Takahashi
Coffee & Refreshments available from 9:00
Chair's intro (9:30)
Lou Rutterford (9:40)
University of Bristol
"Optimising university canteen recipes through the nutrition-emissions ratio"
Annika Flynn (10:05)
University of Bristol
"Understanding humans' sensitivity to calories of meals"
Heloise Balme (10:30)
Bristol Food Network
"Bristol's journey to become a Sustainable Food City"
University of Bristol Catering Team (10:45)
Coffee break with sustainable menu tasting
Tamsin Blaxter (11:15)
TABLE / Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
“Protein transitions to save the world: what can we learn from history?”
Lydia Medland (11:20)
Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol
“Borderless eating: an invitation to think about places of origin differently”
Alex Montgomery (11:25)
Sustainable Development in Practice, Faculty of Environment and Technology, University of West England (UWE)
“Struggling Students: A Qualitative Study into the Impact of Food Inflation on Bristol Student Food Security”
Daniel Thorman (11:30)
Cardiff University
"Deliberative stakeholder workshops - Climate, Food and Agriculutre"
Jeff Brunstrom (11:35)
University of Bristol
"Introducing the SNEAK project: sustainable nutrition, environment and agriculture without consumer knowledge"

Towards Zero Waste

Day 2 S‌ession B (13:30 - 17:15)
Chaired by Daniel Enriquez Hidalgo & Heike Rolker
Chair’s Intro (13:30)
Wolfram Simon (13:35)
Research Fellow, Wageningen University and Research
"The future of food: A circular approach to health and sustainability"
Heike Rolker (14:30)
University of Bristol
"Contextualising the problem: a systematic literature review of food waste interventions"
Jordon Lazell (14:55)
Lecturer in Marketing, University of Essex
"Planning to waste? Understanding consumer food waste behaviours within the disorder, disruption and disarray of everyday life"
Emma Atkins (15:15)
University of Bristol, Business School
“Food waste and the domestic fridge”
Léo Gorman (15:20)
Alan Turing Institute & School of Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Bristol
“Leveraging the Power of Small-Scale Household Surveys in Agricultural Research for Development”
Ursula Davis (15:25)
University of Bristol/University of Nottingham
“Co-designing low impact, local solutions to strongly sustainable food systems”
Coffee break with Sustainable Recipe Cakes (15:30)
Jack Pickering (16:00)
Research Fellow at Sheffield University Management School
"Plastic waste and/or Food waste: Identifying potential trade-offs using the new Household Simulation Model"
Marsha Smith (16:25)
Research Fellow, Future Food Beacon of Excellence, University of Nottingham & Coventry University
"More than food (waste): reflecting on the systematization of a surplus meal service system"
Andrew Dowsey (16:50)
Symposium Closing Remarks


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Charles Godfray

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