Our green story

Learn more about our committment to hosting sustainable events.

The Venues and Events team has maintained a steadfast commitment to minimising our environmental impact. Collaborating with the University, our joint efforts provide delegates with confidence in our organisation's dedication to sustainability, environmental responsibility and ethical values when hosting events.

This marks the initial phase of our journey and we are unwavering in our commitment to ongoing development and improvement. Our goal is to continuously refine our practices, making hosting events at the University the optimal choice for the planet.

Our green mission

To foster a positive environmental impact within our venues, guaranteeing that our actions have no adverse effects on the planet and the wellbeing of future generations.

Our green vision

To achieve complete sustainability in our venues, striving to become a net zero carbon campus by 2030, while also minimising water usage and waste. Our objective is to make sure our venues contribute positively to our community and the environment.

Venues and Events green policy

Our green policy states actions being undertaken. We are:

  • ensuring that all electrical items purchased are A+/AAA rated;
  • putting sustainable food at the heart of our menus - this means removing all beef and lamb products from our day delegate rate, encouraging a 70% vegetarian/30% meat menu with the option to have a 100% vegetarian/vegan menu;
  • ensuring all electricity is purchased from low carbon providers where possible via The Energy Consortium;
  • implementing a robust waste management programme throughout our venues to significantly reduce plastic waste and increase recycling;
  • investing in our outside spaces to provide environments for nature to survive and thrive;
  • providing regular training to staff on environmental and sustainable practices;
  • only working with suppliers who can prove their products are ethical and sustainable;
  • ensuring that our food waste is 100% recycled via our partners, Hills Waste Solutions;
  • recycling paper, card, plastic, tin, glass, wood, ferrous, and waste electrical and electronic equipment through our waste partners SUEZ, Hills Waste Solutions and Blackmore.

Be a greener delegate

We also want to support you to help you become greener delegates. Read our Guide to Greener Events (PDF, 292kB) to learn how you can help to make a difference.


We are very proud of what we have acheived so far on our green journey.  Here are some of our accreditations, awards and accolades:


Sustainable food

Best Business Events Venue - Gold winner

Best Wedding Venue  - Bronze winner

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