Confidential Waste

By law, we must have robust processes in place to protect against data loss. The Information Security data classifications table categorises the level of confidentiality of different types of personal data.

Please follow the Confidential waste disposal procedure (PDF, 81kB), which detail the full process of identifying and disposing of confidential waste.

You should also be aware of what constitutes sensitive personal data as these types of data are afforded extra protection by the Data Protection Act. Please follow the relevant guide:

Computer equipment

If you have any electronic equipment capable of storing data (including hard drives and memory sticks), you must wipe them according to Information Security policies.


Confidential waste paper is collected regularly from the grey confidential waste consoles and is then shredded on-site by a specialist contractor before being recycled. Please follow the Confidential waste disposal procedure (PDF, 81kB)

Non-paper waste

Follow the Information Security policies to determine whether your non-paper media contains confidential material. Please follow the Confidential waste disposal procedure (PDF, 81kB); collections are organised once enough waste has accumulated - contact us to arrange a collection.

Uniforms and branded clothing

Staff workwear and uniforms that have a University logo need to be disposed of as confidential waste. Please follow the Confidential waste disposal procedure (PDF, 81kB) and contact us to book a collection. All clothes are securely shredded and then recycled.

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