Our pledges

Our commitment to sustainability

We have committed to ensuring the legacy of the Bristol Green Capital year continues by making four key pledges:

Becoming a net zero carbon campus by 2030

Reaching net zero carbon will be a challenge for a research-led university such as Bristol, but a suite of efficiency gains, renewable energy projects and strategic energy supply choices make this an ambitious but achievable goal. It also will stimulate challenging debates around alternative energy sources in the city and region. Find out what we're doing to meet this pledge. 

Decreasing our transport footprint

It is widely recognised that transport issues are one of the most profound challenges to our city’s sustainability and lifestyle ambitions. Find out what we're doing to meet this plegde. 

Ensuring that our students have the opportunity to undertake education for sustainable development

We are signed up to the UNESCO Global Action Programme commitment, in advance of the launch of the next UNESCO strategy for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Students will learn about sustainable living through their studies and social activities, as well as seeing sustainable changes in the way the campus is run, and how sustainability is central to research. Find out what we're doing to meet this plegde.  

Developing a strategy to include social and environmental considerations into our procurement process

This will include products and services from clothing to electronics. Find out what we're doing to meet this plegde.

Our achievements

Our recent achievements are making these sustainability pledges a reality.

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