Relaunch of the Refill Campaign

City to Sea’s Refill campaign originated in Bristol and has since spread across the globe. As a university proudly located in an environmentally conscious city, we are proud to support the campaign here in its birthplace. With good quality water fountains available to all members of the university, and water points mapped around the university, it is easier than ever to make the switch and support Refill.

Collaboration is fundamental in generating positive environmental change and in order to create a Refill campaign that maintains the University’s excellent standards, the Sustainability team have worked hand in hand with Hard Facilities and Soft Facilities Management. Without the valuable input of each department, we would not have been able to execute a revamp of the university’s water fountains and advertise the City to Sea Refill campaign effectively to all staff and students. Thanks to everyone’s hard work and commitment we are able to promote our fountains and highly encourage everybody to refuse plastic water bottles and make the switch to reusables.

Colin Silmon Compliance and Contracts Manager:

“The University of Bristol Compliance Team are very happy to support this initiative working jointly with the Sustainability Team and Soft FM.

In the first instance ensuring through our specialist contractor Concept that the Drinking Fountains are clean, safe and fit for purpose, and secondly to ensure through our ongoing Maintenance regime that these Water Fountains remain in excellent working condition."

This project has followed the university’s keen effort to reduce plastic use and eliminate unnecessary plastic waste wherever possible. As food and drink choices affect us all every day, the sustainability department have additionally collaborated with the Hospitality department to cut out plastic wherever possible. Hence this brand new academic year will therefore be an exciting one, allowing us to further commit to reducing our impact on the world around us. Students and staff have consistently demonstrated their keen interest in environmental matters, and have often supported the university’s green initiatives. It is for this reason that we believe that the Refill campaign will be met with enthusiasm and excitement.

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