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How to apply

International applicants

We welcome applications from international students and accept a wide range of international qualifications. Please read our application guidance for international students.

Transferring from another university or college

Find out if you can transfer to a degree course at the University of Bristol from your current university or college of higher education.

Disability support

If you have a disability, please contact Disability Services early in the application process for confidential advice on the support that may be available and how to access it.

Disclosing your disability will not affect your chances of receiving an offer.

Extenuating circumstances

If your education has been significantly disrupted through health or personal problems, disability or specific difficulties with schooling, please send an extenuating circumstances form to our Enquiries Team.

Deferred entry

If you want to take a year away from formal education before coming to university, most courses will let you defer your entry.

Entry requirements and qualifications

Please read our entry requirements and qualifications information.

Mature applicants

Please read our application guidance for mature students.

Help with your application

Read the UCAS guidance on filling in your application.

How your application is assessed

Our undergraduate admissions statements provide detailed information on the selection procedures and how your application will be assessed.

We follow a clear set of policies and procedures when dealing with admissions.

After you apply

Find out what happens after you apply.

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