How to apply for foundation years

How to apply

Applications for entry in September 2023 have now closed.

If you would like to apply for entry in September 2024, you can make an application directly to the University from January 2024.

Admissions requirements

There are no formal Level 3 entry requirements (A-level or equivalent) for our foundation courses.

Each application will be judged on its own merits, and we welcome applications from people from a wide range of ages and educational, ethnic, and social backgrounds. We are looking for applicants who are highly motivated to study and who have the potential to succeed in further university study afterwards.

Applicants for our Foundation Year in Science, Engineering and Technology who are invited to interview will be asked to discuss a maths-based activity to demonstrate an appropriate level of understanding, but we do not ask for any prior qualifications. We expect candidates to be proficient in maths to GCSE-level in advance of applying, but we do not look for specific evidence prior to interview.

For more information on admissions to these courses, see the admission statement for the relevant course.

When applying, applicants who do not have any formal qualifications should enter ‘other’ in the institution/school/college field and enter ‘none’ in the qualification name.

Personal statement

On the application form, you’ll be asked to provide a personal statement. This is your chance to tell us about:

  • your experiences of study in the past (whether positive or negative);
  • your reasons for wanting to return to study now;
  • why you wish to study the course;
  • what you would like to achieve by the end of the course;
  • whether you would like to go on to study for a degree;
  • your interest in your subject area and how this has developed;
  • your other hobbies and interests.

There is no perfect version of a personal statement, so please do not be put off by this section, we just want to know why you want to apply for the course and what you hope to get out of it.

This programme is only open to applicants from the UK and the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. If you are unsure whether you are classed as a home or overseas student, or you are an EU student, please see the University's fee status page for more information. The University runs a separate foundation programme for international students.

Selection process

We select successful candidates based on the application form, their written work and an interview. Find out more information about the interview process.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the application process, contact our teams.

Foundation Year in Arts and Social Sciences:

Foundation Year in Science, Engineering and Maths:

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