Deferred entry

Deferring means applying for a course and then taking a year out before coming to university. For example applying in autumn 2021 to start university in September 2023.

How to defer

Tick the deferred entry box on your UCAS form. In your personal statement, tell us your reasons for deferring and your plans for your year out. We will take these into account when assessing your application.

Please note, usually, you can only apply to defer entry by one year.

You can request a change to your application before or after you receive an offer from us. The easiest way to defer your place is to log in to your applicant dashboard and click the ‘Request a change to your application’ tile on your dashboard to request to defer or un-defer your application. These requests are sent to the Admissions team for review.

Some subjects do not allow deferred entry

Check the deferred entry statement at the bottom of each course information page.

If you already have a deferred place

We will contact you in August, the year before you are due to start, to confirm your place. We will contact you again the following April to let you know what you need to do before you arrive.

If you are planning to spend time away, make sure you continue to check your emails. We will be contacting you with important deadlines, such as applying for accommodation.

If you have been using a school email address, please make sure you update your details in UCAS Track. Please provide a current email address after you leave school.

Declining a deferred place

If you decide you no longer want to take up your deferred place, please contact our Enquiries Team.

Deferring after submitting your application

In some cases this is possible but it depends on the course. Please submit your request via your applicant dashboard

Deferring after we have confirmed your place

If you are due to start this September but decide after your exam results that you want to defer your place, you must contact us.

The easiest way to defer your place is to log in to your applicant dashboard and click the button to request a deferral.

We will consider your request to defer but cannot guarantee we will accept it. We may ask you to reapply.

Once you have deferred your place you may not be able to revert back to your original year of entry. Please be sure of your decision before contacting us. Only one deferral is allowed.

Do not complete online registration if you want to defer. Online registration is the first part of the registration process for new students.

If you decide to defer after you have completed online registration, please contact your faculty.

If you no longer want to defer your place

If you are holding a deferred offer for next year’s entry but now want to come this year, please submit an un-defer request via the applicant dashboard.

Un-deferring will depend on whether we have spaces available.

Please email with:

  • your name
  • UCAS number
  • course code
  • reasons for your late decision to un-defer.
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