When we receive your application from UCAS we will send you an acknowledgement email which includes a link to your application dashboard.

Your applicant dashboard is a secure portal where you can provide information or request changes relating to your UCAS application for an undergraduate course at the University of Bristol. Through this dashboard you can:

Your information needs to match that on your UCAS application exactly when you log in.

You will not have access to the applicant dashboard:

  • if you have applied through a route other than UCAS;
  • your application was not made in the current application cycle;
  • if you withdraw your application;
  • if it is more than four weeks since your application was made unsuccessful;
  • during periods when we are processing exam results;
  • if you do not include Bristol in your firm and insurance choices (ie you decline our offer);
  • when your application is complete and you can register as a University of Bristol student.

Your dashboard will not show our decision on your application or any conditions attached to an offer. You can check the status of your application on UCAS Track.

Requesting a deferral or course change

We are unable to make changes to applications until Tuesday 10 August 2021, following the UCAS A-level embargo. You are still welcome to request a course change or year change now but please be aware this cannot be processed immediately. We will update you on the outcome of any requests as soon as possible.

You can request a change to your application before or after you receive an offer from us. Click the ‘Request a change to your application’ tile on your dashboard to request a course change or to defer or un-defer your application. These requests are sent to the Admissions team for review.

Uploading information we have requested

If we do not have enough information to fully assess your application, we will request the additional information we need via email, for example:

  • certificates and transcripts of achieved qualifications or in-progress qualifications;
  • copies of passports and visas.

If you have applied to more than one course, you only need to upload your documents once – they will be matched to all UCAS applications you have with us in this application cycle.

You will be able to apply a category to your documents when uploading them, eg ‘Achieved Qualifications’. Please make sure you choose the most appropriate category so that your documents can be processed promptly.

You can view all the documents you have already submitted by clicking the 'My documents' tile on your dashboard.

You do not need to submit any additional documents for your application unless we have asked you to do so. Submitting further information that we have not requested can delay your application, so we politely ask that you do not upload documents that we have not requested. 

Uploading your Fee Status Questionnaire

If you have been asked to complete a Fee Status Questionnaire, this task will be visible in your dashboard and will remain active during your entire application process. Please only upload your documents once. 

We do not email individual applicants to confirm receipt of documents; the 'Successful Upload' notification on your applicant dashboard is proof of submission. 

You can view all the documents you have already submitted by clicking the 'My documents' tile on your dashboard.

Find out more about fee status

Uploading extenuating circumstances information

If you would like us to be aware of extenuating circumstances affecting your application, please notify us as soon as possible once we have acknowledged receipt of your application via email.

Visit extenuating circumstances to download our extenuating circumstances form. You can read more about the supporting information you can upload, and how we use this information when assessing your application. Please ensure you have read and understood this information before you submit extenuating circumstances to us.

Use the ‘Extenuating circumstances’ tile in your dashboard to notify us of extenuating circumstances and upload relevant supporting documents.

If you have applied for more than one course at Bristol, your extenuating circumstances information will be applied to all your applications in the current UCAS application cycle.

Uploading exam results to your dashboard

If you have an offer from us, and your results will not be sent directly to the University by your exam board, you will need to submit them to us via your dashboard.

If they are not in English, you will also need to submit a certified English translation.

Select ‘Achieved qualifications’ as the category for your documents when uploading completed qualifications and exam results in your dashboard.

Completing a Supplementary Assessment Questionnaire

If you are applying to one of these courses, you will be asked to complete a Supplementary Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) when we receive your application from UCAS:

  • Engineering Design (H150)
  • Dental Hygiene and Therapy (B750)
  • Veterinary Science (D100)
  • Veterinary Science: Accelerated Graduate Entry (D102)
  • Veterinary Nursing and Bioveterinary Science (DC37)

You can find the SAQ within your applicant dashboard and we will notify you of the completion deadline here and via email.

View the admissions statements for your course for more information about how we use SAQs as part of our assessment.

You can access a PDF copy of your SAQ response in the ‘My documents’ section of your dashboard.

If you have applied for more than one course requiring a SAQ, they will all be available, one at a time, on your dashboard. When you have completed the first, you will be prompted to start and complete the next one.


Your applicant dashboard

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