Request a counselling appointment

How to request an appointment with the student counselling services.

Emergency and crisis support

If you or someone you are with, are in a life-threatening emergency, call 999 immediately or go to your nearest hospital. More guidance is available on our emergency help page.

For non-medical emergencies on university campus, call our Security Services on 0117 33 11223.

The Student Counselling Service is free for all of our currently registered students.

If you are not in the UK

We are not allowed to provide counselling outside of the UK for legal and regulatory reasons.

Complete the wellbeing support form to get advice on how you can access support.

Requesting support

  1. Complete the wellbeing support form to request support for yourself or another student you are worried about.
  2. Our advisers will direct you to the most suitable support or service.
  3. If you are assigned to the Student Counselling Service, you will receive an email offering an appointment with a counsellor for a short term (One At A Time) counselling session. All our counsellors and mental health advisers are trained.
  4. Read our guide for how you can get ready for your appointment.

Evidence for exceptional circumstances

You can use the help you receive from us (the Student Counselling Service) as evidence for exceptional circumstances.

However, we do not provide supporting letters to students. See the supporting evidence for guidance on what can and can’t be submitted as evidence.

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