Student Counselling Service

We offer individual counselling sessions and groups, and online and telephone counselling to support you.

All our services are free to all UK-based undergraduate and postgraduate taught and research students.

How to request support

You cannot book any of the services offered by the Student Counselling Service directly. Complete the Request Wellbeing Support form to request support for yourself or another student you are worried about. Our advisers will direct you to the most suitable support or service for you.

All our counsellors and mental health advisers are trained in issues relevant for university students.

We have a diverse range of identities within the student counselling service team. If you want support from a counsellor or adviser with a specific identity, such as gender or ethnicity, please tell us about this on your Request Wellbeing Support form. We will also take into consideration any accessibility needs or concerns about inclusive facilities you have told us about on the form.

After you submit the form

If you are assigned to the Student Counselling Service for one-to-one counselling, a therapeutic group, or a mental health adviser, you will receive an email offering an appointment with a counsellor.

If you are not in the UK

Complete the Request Wellbeing Support form. We are not allowed to provide counselling outside of the UK for legal reasons, however we will be able to arrange alternative support for you.

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Your feedback

We value your feedback and use it to improve our services. You can share it anonymously if you prefer.

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