Guide to alternative exam arrangements

Get alternative exam arrangements (AEAs) for your exams or timed assessments, find out how to check your arrangements are in place, and what to do if you need to make changes.

If you are at a disadvantage due to a disability, health condition or specific learning difficulty, tell us, so we can make recommendations to the way you are assessed. These are known as alternative exam arrangements.  

Deadline to request alternative exam arrangements 

To get alternative exam arrangements, request a study support plan and provide relevant evidence before the deadline for each assessment period. 

  • January assessment period: The deadline is 11:59 pm (UK time) on Thursday 9 November 2023. 
  • Summer assessment period: The deadline is 11:59 pm (UK time) on Sunday 10 March 2024. 
  • Reassessment (resit) period: The deadline is 11:59 pm (UK time) on Thursday 4 July 2024. 

If you miss the deadlines, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to have exam adjustments for the upcoming exam period. Review your assessment support options. 

Check your exam timetable 

If alternative exam arrangements have been agreed, you will see a confirmation at the top of your exam timetable. This will not detail all arrangements but it will confirm if any should be in place.

If you have extra time or use of a PC, you may see a different exam duration or a different room to your peers.

Other arrangements will be confirmed by email.

Changing your alternative exam arrangements

Contact us if you have any questions about your study support plan and the arrangements it recommends. 

You must request any changes that you need for the next exam period before the deadline for that period so that your study support plan can be updated in time.

Problems during your exam 

Find out what to do if you experience a problem on the day.

You may need to submit exceptional circumstances if: 

  • you did not receive the AEAs specified in your study support plan 
  • you were unable to get a study support plan in place in time for the exams deadline as you were waiting to get evidence (e.g. waiting for a doctor’s appointment). 

You can receive independent advice from the Students’ Union Academic Advice team 

Types of alternative arrangements

Some exams are run within your school, such as OSCE's, spot exams, mock exams, mid-session exams and any exams outside the main assessment periods.

Speak to your School Disability Coordinator (SDC) or the tutor in charge of the module being assessed to discuss what arrangements you will have for these exams or how your study support plan might apply to these assessments. Your SDC will have a copy of your study support plan.

These arrangements apply to exams organised by the Exams Office, scheduled during the university assessment periods.  

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