Cleaning up your researcher profile

Make sure your researcher metrics are accurate by cleaning up your online researcher profile.

Research metrics reporting tools are only as accurate as the data that goes in. If you have ever done any of the following, your publications will likely be split up among multiple distinct author profiles:

  • used different name variants on different publications (e.g. J. Joyce on one paper, James Joyce on another, and J. A. A. Joyce on a third)
  • moved institution
  • changed your name

For accurate research metrics, you need to make sure that all your publications are correctly attributed in your chosen reporting tool. The main tool used by the University of Bristol is SciVal, which uses data from Scopus. There are two ways to make sure that Scopus can correctly identify your publications:

  1. Clean up your Scopus profile.

    This involves checking that all your past publications are correctly associated with a single author profile. For more information see
  2. Use an ORCID for future publications.

    Register for an ORCID persistent researcher identifier. ORCID provides researchers with a unique ID that can be used throughout research and publishing lifecycles. ORCID is non-proprietary, moves with the individual and is of value to all career stages. Sign up to ORCID through Pure to automatically link these systems, and remember to add your ORCID to your Scopus profile (see step 1 above).

    Include your ORCID in grant applications, publications and research management tools such as Researchfish to automatically attribute your work to a single author profile.

Other ways to clean up your online profile

There are other sources for research metrics, but like SciVal they all depend on having accurate data about your publications.  If you are interested in getting information from other sources, you may wish to additionally check your profile in the tools below.  Don’t forget to associate your ORCID with these profiles as well.

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