MMC Student Initiatives

Experience gained through projects for the MMC Committee were crucial to me getting my current job as Communication Officer at Watershed Digital Media and Arts Cinema in Bristol.

Roseanna Dias (History of Art and Italian)

Being part of the Multimedia Centre Committee has been a really interesting experience. It was great to be able to directly liaise with members of staff in order to give a student's point of view about which aspects of the Multimedia Centre are the most useful and which facilities are used most often. I found this particularly helpful during the planning of the Multimedia Centre's new room. I have also been able to use my role on the committee when working towards the Bristol Plus Award.

Georgina (BA in French and Italian)

Our students play a key role in running successful initiatives on behalf of the MMC, such as:

  • A Tandem Learning project that helps students find a language study partner
  • Film reviews and recommendations
  • An annual MMC Newsletter

Students sit on the MMC Committee and regularly provide us with valuable feedback. Some students also work in the Centre during the academic year.

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