Online lecture tasters

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Each video is accompanied by questions for independent study.

In the videos below, academic staff in the School of Modern Languages at Bristol explore how languages, texts, monuments and objects can reveal real insights into communities and nations which would otherwise remain hidden.

Studying Modern Languages at university means studying societies through the languages they speak and the cultural artefacts they create and hold dear. Languages are not neutral. They shape the way we think and feel. By learning the language a community speaks and the way it transmits its values through its culture, we gain access to its subjective worldview and can participate in its internal debates. This not only broadens our horizons, but also gives us a greater awareness of who we are. And as we do so, we also develop a range of transferable skills such as intercultural understanding, analytical and critical thinking, clarity and self-confidence in communication, an aptitude for collaborative work, adaptability, and creativity.

We hope you enjoy the mini lectures and look forward to working with you if you decide to join the University of Bristol.

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