PS STAR Awards

Thank you to those of you who submitted nominations for the 2019 PS STAR Awards. We have now announced the winners for each award category, which you can view using the tabs below.

About the Awards

The Professional Services STAR Awards recognise the outstanding contributions of staff within Professional Services (which includes administration, operational and technical staff). The efforts and achievements of nominees will be demonstrably over and above what is expected of them their day to day role.

Awards were presented at the Professional Services Celebration Event on 11 September. 

Award categories

Green star Working with Others Award

A true team player, the winner(s) of this award understand the importance of partnership working and achieving team goals.  In valuing difference, they develop and maintain quality relationships, understanding and valuing people’s perspective, always working across boundaries to achieve results.  Aware of their own impact and behaviour, they are not afraid to challenge inappropriate practices, ensuring University values are maintained. 

Can be awarded to an individual or team or multiple parties in a partnership.

Red star Service Excellence Award

Continually providing an outstanding personal and professional service to all, the winner of this award always delivers on their promises and goes above and beyond to resolve problems in a cheerful and friendly manner.  A philosophy for continuous improvement means they can flex their approach to meet their clients needs. 

This is an individual award.

Orange star Embracing Change Award

With a willingness to do things differently for the good of the University, the winner of this award demonstrates an open minded and creative approach to change. Challenging assumptions, they make suggestions for improvement whilst remaining positive, despite being realistic about the difficulties change can bring.  With their ongoing support, they encourage others when developing and testing new ideas. 

This is an individual award.

Blue star Brilliant Team Leader or Supervisor Award

The winner of this award creates, articulates and drives plans to achieve results, without losing sight of the vision of the University.  They support their team members, creating momentum and enthusiasm about what needs to be done, recognising the contributions and achievements of others.  They empower people to take responsibility, giving advice and guidance especially during periods of set back and change.  They break down silos, encouraging a wider perspective.  A role model to others and a brilliant team leader or supervisor.

This is an individual award.

Purple star Innovation Award

Inquisitive, creative and free thinking, the winner(s) of this award have a passion for exploring new ideas.  Taking the time to understand and diagnose problems, they seek opportunities to think outside the box and resolve issues. Drawing on others knowledge skills and experience they champion, encourage and develop the creativity of others, fostering a culture which encourages people to take acceptable risks in pursuing innovation.  They identify ways in which resources can be used flexibly and imaginatively for the benefit of the whole organisation, balancing new ideas with tired and tested solutions.

Can be awarded to an individual or team.

Yellow star All Star Award

This award is reserved for the individual that can only be described as an All Star.  They have a positive approach and friendly attitude to providing an exceptional service. Their ability to work with others, valuing individual differences, perceptions and preferences helps to enhance the relationships they develop and maintain.  A true team player, their can-do attitude in difficult times supports others to navigate through change.  With an open-minded approach, new ideas can be created, explored and implemented.  Leading the way as a role model to others, going above and beyond the scope of their role, their high quality, proactive, results focused approach is another indication of their ‘All Star’ abilities.

This is an individual award.


Who will be your star?

2019 awards process timeline

Professional Services Celebration Timeline

Winners, Shortlisted & Nominated Candidates 2019

We have now announced the winners for the 2019 PS STAR Awards. Congratulations to everyone who received an award. Winners were presented with a £200 Love2Shop voucher, a certficiate and lapel badge.

All individuals and teams who have been nominated or shortlisted for the 2019 Professional Services STAR Awards are listed by category in the tabs below. The nominations were passed on to the shortlisting panels which were made up of members of staff across the university from a variety of grades and departments. Shortlists were developed according to criteria listed for each category and were based on the quality of submissions made for each candidate.

The numbers in brackets denote how many nominations were received for that individual or team within that category. Due to the number of nominations and size of some of the teams we are unable to display all names within each nominated or shortlisted team. The text that accompanied each nomination has not been shared with the nominees. If you wish to share this information with the person or team that you nominated, please feel free to do so.

You can view the summary text for each of our winners and shortlisted candidates here: 

PS STAR Awards Winners and Shortlisted Candidates (PDF, 363kB).

Winners, finalists and nominees 2016

We received over 270 nominations for individuals and teams in the 2016 Professional Services Excellence Awards, and would like to commend all those nominated for their hard work and contributions, as recognised by colleagues around the University.

Download a list of all nominees and finalists for the 2016 Professional Services Excellence Awards (PDF, 845kB)

View photographs from the Awards ceremony on the PositiveWorking@Bristol Flickr account

The Awards ceremony was held on 26th January 2017, and we are very pleased to announce the winners below. Further details and photographs from the ceremony will follow.


Winners and finalists 2014

A huge congratulations to all members of staff who were nominated for the Professional Services Excellence Awards in 2014. We received over 270 nominations in our first year of the Awards and the standard of nominations was extremely high. Winners were announced at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday 4 December 2014. Details of the finalists and winners can be found below.

The winners and finalists for the Professional Services Excellence Awards 2014 were:

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