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EPSRC quantum technologies fellowships

Dr Jonathan Matthews and Prof. John Rarity

9 June 2015

The Centre for Quantum Photonics is pleased to announce that two of their academics Prof. John Rarity and Dr Jonathan Matthews have been awarded highly competitive fellowships in the EPSRC quantum technologies fellowship programme.

Light is one of the powerful and trusted ways for us to probe about our environment and to learn about ourselves. It’s use for sensing range from diagnosing how much oxygen is being carried by our blood without drawing a drop of blood, to kilometre scale interferometers used in the quest to search for cosmological phenomena coming from deep space.

Dr Jonathan Matthews’ programme draws on the unique properties of quantum physics to revolutionise optical sensors, aiming for fundamentally enhanced performance, reduced light exposure and reduced cost. “This programme will enable me to work with companies, biologists, chemists and engineers to accelerate practical application of a fresh and revolutionary approach so sensing and measurement” said Dr Matthews. “I’m thrilled with the opportunity that this fellowship represents for myself and my team --- we are going to tackle some really exciting engineering and scientific milestones”.

Professor John Rarity’s programme involves the study of solid state two level systems interacting with cavities and 1 dimensional waveguides. The objectives behind this are to develop a technology which will dramatically reduce the scaling cost for building a quantum information processor. During his fellowship, Prof Rarity will develop a new optical switching technology based on the coupling of atom like defects in solid state nanostructures. The technology could revolutionise classical optical networks through high speed low power optical switches. However it will also lead to novel high-fidelity spin-photon gates dramatically improving the scalability of photonic quantum computing.

Congratulations to both for this impressive feat we look forward to seeing the results that come out of these prestigious fellowships. 

Further information

Jonathan Matthew is a newly appointed Lecturer in the School of Physics, he is an academic member of the Centre for Quantum Photonics, he is affiliated to Bristol’s recently launched QETLabs and he is a co-investigator on the £29M multi-institution quantum technology Hub QuantIC.

John Rarity is a Professor in Optical Communication Systems in the Department of Electrical Engineering, he is also an academic member of CQP and is co-investigator both the QuantIC hub and also the £24M quantum communications Hub.

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