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Professorship for Mark Thompson

Prof. Mark Thompson of the Centre for Quantum Photonics.

7 August 2015

Congratulations to Mark Thompson of the Centre for Quantum Photonics who has recently been promoted to Professor of Quantum Photonics.

Professor Thompson has been with the Centre for Quantum Photonics (CQP) for over seven years and is now it's deputy director. He is arguably the world’s first quantum engineer, with a unique background as a photonic engineer with over five years industrial experience in photonics, working with Corning Cables Ltd., Bookham Technology Ltd. and Toshiba. This background enabled him to originate the field of Si quantum photonics—and Prof. Thompson continues to be the world authority in this field. He has continued to be recognised as ‘ahead of the curve’ in translating theory into engineering since his recognition in 2008 of the role that photonic engineering could play in Quantum Technologies. He recently founded the EPSRC CDT in Quantum Engineering and recent awards include the IUPAP award for outstanding contributions of an applied nature to the field of Laser Physics and Photonics. 

His team have an exceptional record of achievement over recent years with numerous papers in Science, Nature, PRL, IEEE including seminal papers such as "On-chip quantum interference between silicon" in Nature Photonics and "Quantum Walks of Correlated Photons" in Science, both of which were given the front cover in their respective editions.  

Congratulations again to Prof. Mark Thompson for this outstanding acheivement. 

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