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Prof. Jeremy O'Brien presents lecture at New Scientist's University on the Quantum World

Prof. Jeremy O'Brien presents a talk on developing Quantum Technologies at the New Scientist University.

24 March 2015

On 21st February, New Scientst held an all day event to teach the general public about the Quantum World. Prof. Jeremy O'Brien was invited to talk about how quantum physics can be used to create Quantum Technologies.

The session was part of New Scientist's University and Prof. O'Brien was joined by a select group of experts in the field to address the promise of exciting new technologies, such as:

  • the ability to communicate with absolute security;
  • computers more powerful than anything built before; and
  • quantum teleportation

Prof. Jeremy O'Brien, director of the Centre for Quantum Photonics is no stranger to introducing Quantum Physics to the wider audience. Over the past year alone has presented at numerous events including giving a Google tech talk which can be viewed online.

The event, held at the British Library was attended by 255 Quantum enthusiasts and proved to be very successful. For more information about upcoming events with the New Scientist University please go to the New Scientist Website.

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