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Professor Carrington gives Pippard prize lecture

Professor Tony Carrington (right) was awarded the Brian Pippard Prize at the IOP Superconductivity Group meeting.

11 December 2015

Pippard prizewinner Professor Tony Carrington gave a lecture on his recent research at the winter meeting of the Institute of Physics Superconductivity Group.

On Monday 7 December the Institute of Physics Superconductivity Group held its Winter Science meeting, bringing together researchers in applied and fundamental aspects of superconductivity, at University College London.

Professor Antony Carrington gave the annual Brian Pippard prize lecture and received the prize award. The lecture, entitled 'Superconductivity near a quantum critical point',  described recent research into the behaviour of a high temperature superconductor, both iron-based and copper oxide based, close to the compositions where a maximum superconducting transition temperature (Tc) is found.

In particular, it addressed the question of whether quantum critical fluctuations drive the high Tc in these materials.

The citation for the Pippard prize awards reads: Awarded for his many seminal contributions to our understanding of the superconducting cuprates and pnictides over the past 20 years.

Further information

Professor Sir Brian Pippard's family gave permission to rename the annual Superconductivity Group Prize in his honour in 2013.

The Prize is awarded annually by the IOP Superconductivity Group to a scientist working in the UK who has made a significant contribution to the field of superconductivity in the last few years - with particular emphasis given to recent work. The winner is chosen by a panel of electors appointed by the IOP Superconductivity Group committee.

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