BCFN Student Publications

Publications involving BCFN students (highlighted in bold)  


D. W. Watkins, J. M. X. Jenkins, K. J. Grayson, N. Wood, J. W. Steventon, K. K. Le Vay, M. I. Goodwin, A. S. Mullen, H. J. Bailey, M. P. Crump, F. MacMillan, A. J. Mulholland, G. Cameron, R. B. Sessions, S. Mann, and J. L. R. Anderson, ‘Construction and in vivo assembly of a catalytically proficient and hyperthermostable de novo enzyme’, Nat. Commun. 8 358 (2017).

R. L. Harniman, D. Plana, G. H. Carter, K. A. Bradley, M. J. Miles, and D. J. Fermín, ‘Realtime tracking of metal nucleation via local perturbation of hydration layers’, Nature Communications 8 (1) 971 (2017)

T. T. Jensen, J. Potticary, L. R. Terry, H. E. B. Macdonald, J. G. Brandenburg, and S. R. Hall, ‘Polymorphism in crystals of bis(4-bromo-phenyl) fumaronitrile through vapour phase growth’, CRYSTENGCOMM 19 (48) 7223–7228 (2017).

O. G. Rojas and S. R. Hall, ‘On the synergistic interaction of an ionic liquid and biopolymers in the synthesis of strontium niobate’, MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 202 220– 224 (2017).

J. Potticary, T. T. Jensen, and S. R. Hall, ‘Nanostructural origin of blue fluorescence in the mineral karpatite’, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7 (2017).

A. D. Graham, S. N. Olof, M. J. Burke, J. P. K. Armstrong, E. A. Mikhailova, J. G. Nicholson, S. J. Box, F. G. Szele, A. W. Perriman, and H. Bayley, ‘High-Resolution Patterned Cellular Constructs by Droplet-Based 3D Printing’, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7 (2017).

P. Wasik, C. Redeker, T. G. Dane, A. M. Seddon, H. Wu, and W. H. Briscoe, ‘Hierarchical Surface Patterns upon Evaporation of a ZnO Nanofluid Droplet: Effect of Particle Morphology’, Langmuir 34 (4) 1645–1654 (2018).

O. G. Rojas, G. Song, and S. R. Hall, ‘Fast and scalable synthesis of strontium niobates with controlled stoichiometry’, CRYSTENGCOMM 19 (36) 5351–5355 (2017).

X. He, Y. He, M.-S. Hsiao, R. L. Harniman, S. Pearce, M. A. Winnik, and I. Manners, ‘Complex and Hierarchical 2D Assemblies via Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly of Poly(l-lactide) Homopolymers with Charged Termini’, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139 (27) 9221– 9228 (2017).

M. E. Robinson, A. Nazemi, D. J. Lunn, D. W. Hayward, C. E. Boott, M.-S. Hsiao, R. L. Harniman, S. A. Davis, G. R. Whittell, R. M. Richardson, L. De Cola, and I. Manners, ‘Dimensional Control and Morphological Transformations of Supramolecular Polymeric Nanofibers Based on Cofacially-Stacked Planar Amphiphilic Platinum(II) Complexes’, ACS Nano 11 (9) 9162–9175 (2017).

J. G. Brandenburg, J. Potticary, H. A. Sparkes, S. L. Price, and S. R. Hall, ‘Thermal Expansion of Carbamazepine: Systematic Crystallographic Measurements Challenge Quantum Chemical Calculations’, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8 (17) 4319–4324 (2017).

J. E. Hallett, D. W. Hayward, T. Arnold, P. Bartlett, and R. M. Richardson, ‘X-ray reflectivity reveals ionic structure at liquid crystal-aqueous interfaces’, Soft Matter 13 (33) 5535–5542 (2017).

B. Nancolas, I. D. Bull, R. Stenner, V. Dufour, and P. Curnow, “Saccharomyces cerevisiae Atf1p is an alcohol acetyltransferase and a thioesterase in vitro,” Yeast 34 (6) 239–251 (2017).

R. O. Moreno, E. K. Penott-Chang, B. Rojas de Gascue, and A. J. Mueller, “The effect of the solvent employed in the synthesis of hydrogels of poly (acrylamide-co-methyl methacrylate) on their structure, properties and possible biomedical applications,” Eur. Polym. J. 88 148–160 (2017).

B. T. Miles, A. B. Greenwood, D. Benito-Alifonso, H. Tanner, M. C. Galan, P. Verkade, and H. Gersen, “Direct Evidence of Lack of Colocalisation of Fluorescently Labelled Gold Labels Used in Correlative Light Electron Microscopy,” Sci Rep 7 44666 (2017).

X. Li, P. J. Wolanin, L. R. MacFarlane, R. L. Harniman, J. Qian, O. E. C. Gould, T. G. Dane, J. Rudin, M. J. Cryan, T. Schmaltz, H. Frauenrath, M. A. Winnik, C. F. J. Faul, and I. Manners, “Uniform electroactive fibre-like micelle nanowires for organic electronics,” Nat. Commun. 8 15909 (2017).

R. C. Deller, P. Diamanti, G. Morrison, J. Reilly, B. C. Ede, R. Richardson, K. Le Vay, A. M. Collins, A. Blair, and A. W. Perriman, “Functionalized Triblock Copolymer Vectors for the Treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia,” Mol. Pharm. 14 (3) 722–732 (2017).

M. Burke, J. P. K. Armstrong, A. Goodwin, R. C. Deller, B. M. Carter, R. L. Harniman, A. Ginwalla, V. P. Ting, S. A. Davis, and A. W. Perriman, “Regulation of Scaffold Cell Adhesion Using Artificial Membrane Binding Proteins,” Macromol. Biosci. 17 (7) 1600523 (2017).

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