About the BCFN

The Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials (BCFN) is a leading centre for doctoral training offering 4-year PhD and 1 year MSc opportunities in Functional Nanomaterials. Our principle research objective is to pioneer innovative scientific approaches to the creation, characterisation and application of new forms of soft and hard multi-functional nanostructures. Our research is grouped into research themes which seeks to address global challenges – Materials for Energy, Materials for Health and the Life Sciences, Materials for Technology and Innovation, and Mesoscopic Materials and Devices.

Everything we do is interdisciplinary, and from the bottom-up: all projects have supervisors from at least two disciplines, and our taught and training materials have been designed to support our students’ development as interdisciplinary scientists.  We represent over 100 academics from 13 academic departments including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry and Engineering.  From the perspective of a student, this means that the training received is balanced, thorough and comprehensive; the research is interdisciplinary, original and challenging.

The BCFN offers two interwoven strands of graduate training: the 1-year MSc in Nanoscience and Functional Nanomaterials, and the 4-year PhD programme.  The two programmes share several elements, and all BCFN students study together as a cohort.  This means meeting a wide variety of young scientists, and sharing scientific and social activities. 

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This website has detailed information about the programmes as well as the kind of research projects previously undertaken.  Please explore the links on the left hand side and if you have any questions please feel free to email us: bcfn-info@bristol.ac.uk

It's one of the best choices I have ever made; I would never have had the opportunity to teach in schools, work in parliament, visit Harvard or meet world renowned professors without being in the BCFN.

Maddy Burke
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