BCFN Student Publications

Publications involving BCFN students (highlighted in bold)  


L. J. Fox, L. Matthews, H. Stockdale, S. Pichai, T. Snow, R. M. Richardson, and W. H. Briscoe, “Structural changes in lipid mesophases due to intercalation of dendritic polymer nanoparticles: Swollen lamellae, suppressed curvature, and augmented structural disorder,” ACTIA BIOMATERIALLIA (104) 198-209 (2020).

L. J. Fox, A. Slastanova, N. Taylor, M. Wlodek, O, Bikondoa, R. M. Richardson, W.H. Briscoe, “Interactions between PAMAM Dendrimers and DOPC Lipid Multilayers: Membrane Thinning and Structural Disorder,” BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA (BBA) - GENERAL SUBJECTS, 129542 (2020)

Ishak, M. I.; Liu, X.; Jenkins, J.; Nobbs, A. H.; Su, B. Protruding Nanostructured Surfaces for Antimicrobial and Osteogenic Titanium Implants. COATINGS 10 (8), 756.

Y. Kamarudin, M. K. Skeats, A. J. Ireland, M.E. Barbour, “Chlorhexidine hexametaphosphate as a coating for elastomeric ligatures with sustained antimicrobial properties: A laboratory study,” AMERICAL JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTALFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS 158 (5) E73-E82 (2020).

V. Levario-Diaz, P. Bhaskar, M. C. Galan, A. C. Barnes, “Effect of acoustic standing waves on cellular viability and metabolic activity,”SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 10 (8493) (2020)

L. Matthews, Z. Przybylowwicz, S. E. Rogers, P. Bartlett, A. J. Johnson, R. Sochon, W.H Briscoe, “The curious case of SDS self-assembly in glycerol: Formation of a lamellar gel,” JOURNAL OF COLLOID INTERFACE SCIENCE 572 384-395 (2020).

A. Mauleon-Amieva, M. Mosayebi, J. E. Hallett, F. Turci, T. B. Liverpool, J. S. van Duijneveldt, and C. P. Royall “Competing active and passive interactions drive amoebalike crystallites and ordered bands in active colloids,” PHYSICAL REVIEW E 102 (032609) (2020)

R. Stenner, J. W. Steventon, A. Seddon, J. L. R. Anderson, “A de Novo Peroxidase Is Also a Promiscuous yet Stereoselective Carbene Transferase,” PNAS 117 (3) 1419-1428 (2020)

A. van Teijlingen, S. A. Davis, S. R. Hall, “Size-Dependent Melting Point Depression of Nickel Nanoparticles,” NANOSCALE ADVANCES 2 (6), 2347–2351 (2020)

G. Wan, A. Croot, N. A. Fox, M. Cattelan, “Empty-State Band Mapping Using Momentum-Resolved Secondary Electron Emission,” ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2020 2007319 (2020).

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