BCFN Student Publications

Publications involving BCFN students (highlighted in bold)


N. J. Wood, H. F. Jenkinson, S. A. Davis, S. Mann, D. J. O’Sullivan, and M. E. Barbour, “Chlorhexidine hexametaphosphate nanoparticles as a novel antimicrobial coating for dental implants,” J. Mater. Sci.-Mater. Med. 26 (6) 201 (2015).

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J. O. Thomas, H. D. Andrade, B. M. Mills, N. A. Fox, H. J. K. Hoerber, and C. F. J. Faul, “Imaging the Predicted Isomerism of Oligo(aniline)s: A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study,” Small 11 (28) 3430–3434 (2015).

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K. P. Sharma, T. Risbridger, K. Bradley, A. W. Perriman, D. J. Fermin, and S. Mann, “High-Temperature Electrochemistry of a Solvent-Free Myoglobin Melt,” ChemElectroChem 2 (7) 976–981 (2015).

L. Senior, M. P. Crump, C. Williams, P. J. Booth, S. Mann, A. W. Perriman, and P. Curnow, “Structure and function of the silicifying peptide R5,” J. Mat. Chem. B 3 (13) 2607–2614 (2015).

F. Quero, A. Coveney, A. E. Lewandowska, R. M. Richardson, P. Diaz-Calderon, K.-Y. Lee, S. J. Eichhorn, M. A. Alam, and J. Enrione, “Stress Transfer Quantification in Gelatin-Matrix Natural Composites with Tunable Optical Properties,” Biomacromolecules 16 (6) 1784–1793 (2015).

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M. P. Mercer, D. Plana, D. J. Fermin, D. Morgan, and N. Vasiljevic, “Growth of Epitaxial Pt1-xPbx Alloys by Surface Limited Redox Replacement and Study of Their Adsorption Properties,” Langmuir 31 (39) 10904–10912 (2015).

E. L. Kynaston, O. E. C. Gould, J. Gwyther, G. R. Whittell, M. A. Winnik, and I. Manners, “Fiber-Like Micelles from the Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly of Poly(3-heptylselenophene)-block-Polystyrene,” Macromol. Chem. Phys. 216 (6) 685–695 (2015).

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D. C. Green, R. Boston, S. Glatzel, M. R. Lees, S. C. Wimbush, J. Potticary, W. Ogasawara, and S. R. Hall, “On the Mechanism of Cuprate Crystal Growth: The Role of Mixed Metal Carbonates,” Adv. Funct. Mater. 25 (29) 4700–4707 (2015).

O. E. C. Gould, H. Qiu, D. J. Lunn, J. Rowden, R. L. Harniman, Z. M. Hudson, M. A. Winnik, M. J. Miles, and I. Manners, “Transformation and patterning of supermicelles using dynamic holographic assembly,” Nat. Commun. 6 10009 (2015).

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H. Cowie, Z. Magdolenova, M. Saunders, M. Drlickova, S. C. Carreira, B. H. Kenzaoi, L. Gombau, R. Guadagnini, Y. Lorenzo, L. Walker, L. M. Fjellsbo, A. Huk, A. Rinna, L. Tran, K. Volkovova, S. Boland, L. Juillerat-Jeanneret, F. Marano, A. R. Collins, and M. Dusinska, “Suitability of human and mammalian cells of different origin for the assessment of genotoxicity of metal and polymeric engineered nanoparticles,” Nanotoxicology 9 57–65 (2015).

S. C. Carreira, L. Walker, K. Paul, and M. Saunders, “The toxicity, transport and uptake of nanoparticles in the in vitro BeWo b30 placental cell barrier model used within NanoTEST,” Nanotoxicology 9 66–78 (2015).

S. C. Carreira, L. Walker, K. Paul, and M. Saunders, “In vitro models of the human placental barrier - In regione caecorum rex est luscus,” Nanotoxicology 9 135–136 (2015).

N. C. Burgess, T. H. Sharp, F. Thomas, C. W. Wood, A. R. Thomson, N. R. Zaccai, R. L. Brady, L. C. Serpell, and D. N. Woolfson, “Modular Design of Self-Assembling Peptide-Based Nanotubes,” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137 (33) 10554–10562 (2015).

J. M. Bulpett, T. Snow, B. Quignon, C. M. Beddoes, T.-Y. D. Tang, S. Mann, O. Shebanova, C. L. Pizzey, N. J. Terrill, S. A. Davis, and W. H. Briscoe, “Hydrophobic nanoparticles promote lamellar to inverted hexagonal transition in phospholipid mesophases,” Soft Matter 11 (45) 8789–8800 (2015).

B. P. Brown, L. Picco, M. J. Miles, and C. F. J. Faul, “Conductive-AFM Patterning of Organic Semiconductors,” Small 11 (38) 5054–5058 (2015).

R. Boston, A. Bell, V. P. Ting, A. T. Rhead, T. Nakayama, C. F. J. Faul, and S. R. Hall, “Graphene oxide as a template for a complex functional oxide,” Crystengcomm 17 (32) 6094–6097 (2015).

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J. P. K. Armstrong, R. Shakur, J. P. Horne, S. C. Dickinson, C. T. Armstrong, K. Lau, J. Kadiwala, R. Lowe, A. Seddon, S. Mann, J. L. R. Anderson, A. W. Perriman, and A. P. Hollander, “Artificial membrane-binding proteins stimulate oxygenation of stem cells during engineering of large cartilage tissue,” Nat. Commun. 6 7405 (2015).

J. P. K. Armstrong, S. N. Olof, M. D. Jakimowicz, A. P. Hollander, S. Mann, S. A. Davis, M. J. Miles, A. J. Patil, and A. W. Perriman, “Cell paintballing using optically targeted coacervate microdroplets,” Chem. Sci. 6 (11) 6106–6111 (2015).

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