Early Career Researchers

Research Staff (Pathway 2)


We have approximately 70 post-doctoral researchers, research fellows and grant-funded technicians within the department, active across our Cardiovascular, Cell Signalling and Neuroscience research themes. In addition, our PW2 members play a vital mentoring role for students within and beyond the lab.  

The department supports ongoing career development for PW2 staff. Local Concordat Champion Chrissy Hammond and School Research Committee Chair Jack Mellor work closely with our enthusiastic PW2 rep team to implement the Researcher Concordat https://www.bristol.ac.uk/staffdevelopment/academic/our-work/bristol-clear/bristols-commitment-to-research-staff-development/, to which the university is a signatory. Together, we organise regular seminars, social events, discussion fora and small-scale funding opportunities specifically targeted at PW2 staff, fostering a genuine sense of community among our members. In addition, we have strong PW2 representation on departmental committees and staff meetings, and ensure PW2 involvement at all stages of interview processes for new senior staff. Our reps also participate in university-wide meetings, as well as nationally, engaging with established mechanisms by which they can help drive change. Overall, we strive to promote an active and respected voice for PW2 staff members at both day-to-day and strategic levels of departmental management, and beyond.  

Beyond the department walls, we are grateful to be based in the excellent city of Bristol and are proud to reflect and promote the positive ethos of diversity for which the city is known. We have a specific EDI rep among our PW2 Rep team, who works with our departmental EDI officer Ames Mosley ames.mosley@bristol.ac.uk to ensure we take the lead on further improving equality, diversity and inclusion within our research culture. We also encourage a healthy work/life balance among our PW2 staff, and hope that new members will take full advantage of what Bristol and the surrounding environs have to offer. 


Our current PW2 Reps welcome any enquiries from prospective or current staff regarding life as a postdoc or PW2 research technician in PPN and Bristol:  

Lawrence Hutchinson (PW2 Research Rep) lawrence.hutchinson@bristol.ac.uk  

Ilaria D’Atri (PW2 Research Rep and EDI Rep) ilaria.datri@bristol.ac.uk  

Ella Margetts-Smith (PW2 Research Rep)  ella.margetts-smith@bristol.ac.uk 


We encourage anyone considering a postdoctoral fellowship at Bristol to contact our PPN Fellows Rep, to discuss how we can best support applications for funding and other information:  

Dr Robert Drake Robert.drake@bristol.ac.uk  


Concordat Champion: 

Chrissy Hammond  Chrissy.Hammond@bristol.ac.uk

PPN Postgraduate Students

We are the PGRs from PPN. We have around 90 PGRs in PPN and research a wide range of topics from fly navigation in virtual reality to genetic engineering of zebrafish hearts. Check out what we have been up to and more PPN news on the school's Twitter: @UoBrisPPN.

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