Random matrices from quantum chaos to the Riemann zeta function. A celebration in honour of Jon Keating’s 60th birthday.

5 July 2023, 9.00 AM - 7 July 2023, 5.00 PM

5 – 7 July 2023

Random Matrix Theory (RMT) is ubiquitous in the mathematical and physical sciences because of its broad range of applications and its predictive power, which allow accurate calculations and asymptotic analysis that are not accessible through traditional techniques. The interdisciplinary nature of RMT is epitomized by Prof. Jon Keating’s career, which has been characterized by the rare ability of initiating new areas of research by bringing together areas of mathematics that on the surface have little in common. This conference will feature leading mathematicians working at the interface of quantum chaos, analytic number theory, probability and random matrix theory.

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Emma Bailey (CUNY)
Tamara Grava (Bristol)
Francesco Mezzadri (Bristol)
Nina Snaith (Bristol)
Brian Winn (Loughborough)

Louis-Pierre Arguin (CUNY)
Emma Bailey (CUNY)
Michael Berry (Bristol)
Brian Conrey (AIM)
Neil O’Connell (UCD)
Persi Diaconis (Stanford)
Alexandra Florea (UC Irvine)
Yan Fyodorov (KCL)
Alice Guionnet (Lyon)
Alexander Its, (IUPUI)
Jens Marklof (Bristol)
Zeev Rudnick (Tel Aviv)
Peter Sarnak (Princeton)
Nick Simm (Sussex)
Kannan Soundararajan (Stanford)


Visit the event website to view the programme and to register.

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