Essentials of working with sensitive research data

23 October 2023, 2.00 PM - 23 October 2023, 3.00 PM


This one-hour workshop is aimed at academics and postgraduate researchers who are conducting or planning to conduct research using ethically sensitive data, including personal data covered by GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. This workshop will cover the following key areas:

  • what counts as sensitive data
  • data management plans for dealing with sensitive data
  • how to structure consent and participant information sheets to enable later data sharing
  • online data collection risks and tools to mitigate these
  • approaches for sharing sensitive data, including use of the University’s research data repository, data.bris.

This workshop is run by Library Research Support and has no prerequisites.

Please note that this workshop is intended as a quick introduction to the basics of handling sensitive research data. For an in-depth look at handling sensitive research data including anonymisation techniques, we offer a three-hour workshop "Managing ethically sensitive research data: from planning to sharing”. 

Sign up for a place through the Develop portal at this link:

Essentials of Working with Sensitive Research Data

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