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Brexit Briefing: July 2017

Press release issued: 31 July 2017

Academics from the University of Bristol Law School continue to share knowledge, debate and listen to opinion at a national, regional and local level.

Solidarity, Equality and Migration: The Journey to and from Brexit

Professor Tonia Novitz held a talk at a Pint of Science event in Stokes Croft on 16th May. In the politically charged context of the 2016 Brexit vote, the talk considered issues of labour solidarity; while it would be possible to provide equality of treatment between local British and migrant labour, we have instead witnessed the imposition of legal frameworks that place workers in a position of competition. The problems identified seem unlikely to evaporate in the event of Brexit. A free trade agreement with the EU will need to address the laws that govern any workers temporarily posted from between trading partners.

Trade Agreements post-Brexit - can workers' rights be protected?

At this year's Industrial Law Society Spring Conference, held on the 20th May, Professor Novitz and Karon Monaghan QC examined the existing models for EU internal and external trade, together with their implications for labour standards, that would be modified in the event of Brexit. They considered potential consequences of three alternatives following Brexit: first, the World Trade Organisation default model; second, a new trade relationship with the EU; and third, the potential choices available in relation to UK trade agreements with third countries such as China and the US. While it is not impossible post-Brexit to protect existing UK labour laws and promote their improvement, the various options available each pose significant difficulties. For more information please visit the ILS website.

Legislating for Brexit in the 2017 Parliament

On the 30th March, the Government published 'Legislating for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union'. Professor Phil Syrpis was one of four experts speaking at a roundtable seminar held at the House of Commons on the 22nd May to discuss the plans outlined in the White Paper to introduce legislation for the creation of a framework for EU-derived law post-Brexit. Professor Syrpis' presentation focussed on 'Converting EU law into UK law'. 

#BristolBrexit – a city responds

Academics from the University of Bristol and the University of West of England worked closely with local residents, city officials, charities, and businesses in Bristol to identify and tackle the challenges brought on by Brexit. This public event showcased the outcomes of this workshop series through stalls, presentations, interactive networking opportunities and an art exhibition. For further information please see the event report here.

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Recent Brexit related posts to the Law School blog include:


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When the UK voted to leave the EU it entered unchartered territory. With virtually no area of domestic law left untouched, our experts are on the frontline, helping shape the debate and providing opinion on the diverse legal implications of Brexit. Our regular Brexit Briefings, listed on the Brexit Centre homepage, provide highlights of our Brexit activity - key events, media engagement, blogs, and other opportunities for sharing and exchanging knowledge.

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