What we do

Groups within IT Services are tasked with delivering IT services across the University, ensuring consistency with the University's vision and strategy. IT Services is committed to providing the IT infrastructure and tools to enable academic excellence and business efficiency at the University of Bristol. The professional IT staff in the groups listed below provide innovative and customer focused solutions to meet the needs of the University community.

IT Operations

IT Operations group contains our infrastructure,  business applications, Service Desk, IT support and specialist 3rd line support. They provide the essential IT services for the University consisting of systems, networks and unified communications, management of devices, software, development and support for new applications and solutions and provide help, advice and problem resolution.

IT Digital Programmes Group

The IT Digital Programmes team provide support for all stages of IT projects. Those projects are contained in three portfolios: Infrastructure, ITS Transformation and Business Change. The Group also works closely with our IT Architecture and Business Analyst function. The groups contains over 100 staff.

IT Partnerships

The group engages with our key stakeholders to ensure we are informed of upcoming plans and requirements from across the academic and professional services. The group helps guide and advise, as well as sharing our plans to ensure we are aligned and deliver value for the University. 

Office of the CIO

The team sets the standards and polices within IT Services, ensuring compliance with the University’s corporate governance and regulatory requirements. We endeavour to optimise our resources to provide the best possible service for our colleagues and partners across the University and to support the University’s strategic aims and objectives.

Cyber Security

Ensuring the digital security of the University through a programme of active security monitoring and identifying and removing critical vulnerabilities. The team ensures compliance with security standards and best practices and engages in user education and awareness raising.

Advanced Computing Group

The University has one of the best high--performance computing facilities of its kind in the UK, putting us amongst the leaders in the UK in terms of capacity, capability, performance and best practice.

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