Information for visitors

Microsoft Office 365 

The University of Bristol uses the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools. This allows staff and students to collaborate with each other internally and also externally with individuals and other institutions and organisations. 

Visitor internet access


  • Visitors with their own institution’s eduroam connection should be able to use it on our eduroam signal. Requests for technical support must be referred to the visitor’s own institution.

  • Other visitors should see the University's Wireless for Visitors guidance.

Short term guests

  • Guests accounts allow access to University computers.

   - Guests are visitors who are invited to the University and who are visiting us for       purposes connected with the University's "publicly funded remit" (JaNET).

  • Current University staff should request guest accounts via the IT Service Desk.
  • Allow three working days for your request to be processed
  • Include the date(s) being requested. If there is a period when the account is not needed, separate dates should be asked for.
  • Include a brief description of the reason. For requests longer than 10 days, a more substantial reason may be required.
  • The requestor is considered the sponsor. That person will take responsibility for checking that it is appropriate for the visitor to have access, keeping the appropriate records and for ensuring that they, and the visitor, understand the Acceptable Use Policy and Investigation of Computer Use Policy.
  • Access requirements to other services from IT Services should be put in the original request.
  • Access to other services (e.g. building access) should be arranged separately.

Long term guests

  • Those working with the University for a significant period are usually better served by being made honorary or associate members of staff which means they can have email accounts and work more effectively.
  • Like other staff, computer accounts for these users will be available two working days after being added to staff.
  • Honorary and associate staff can set their password online.
  • Guidance is available via Human Resources


Fluff is a service that, with the permission of a University of Bristol 'sponsor' allows people who are not members of the University to transfer and upload large files to someone internally. The University of Bristol sponsor must request access using the fluff guest authentication form. This produces a URL that the sponsor forwards to the external party. If you have any questions or feedback, contact:

Staff and students from SCONUL organisations

  • The University is part of SCONUL, which provides limited reciprocal access to library facilities to staff and students from other SCONUL organisations.
  • Note that SCONUL access does not include IT access To UoB computers.
  • SCONUL visitors can still use eduroam and visitor wireless as above.

Members of the public

  • The University welcomes members of the public to use our gardens, coffee shops and other public areas of the precinct.
  • The University does not currently provide IT facilities to members of the public, although wireless is available to visitors (see link above).
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