Guidance for new staff: information and cyber security

As a new staff member, you must take some important steps to access some of our services and ensure you understand your responsibilities around information security.

Username and password

You will need your University username and password to access the majority of services. IT Services has guidance for new staff.

Once you have your username please use the online password reset tool to choose your password. Choose a strong password that is different to any password you use. Remember: different account, different password.

We have guidance around how to create and manage strong passwords on our cyber aware pages (staff and students only).

Set up MFA

To use many of our services, you will need to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your University account.

Access Microsoft 365 apps on your mobile phone or another device

If you'd like to access your University of Bristol email on your personal mobile device, please follow the steps on the device set up and security page of the Office 365 Support Site (University staff and students only).

Complete your essential training

All colleagues must complete the essential training: Cyber Security and Data Protection Essentials using the Develop platform.

You can find your essential training modules by clicking 'Catalogue' from your learner homepage on Develop, then clicking 'Essential Reporting'. 

Understand your responsiblities

It's important to understand your responsibilities when accessing or handling University data. Please read our guidance around data security.

Be cyber aware

Small steps can make a big difference to help keep your data and devices secure. Read our cyber aware guidance.