Appendix 2 - Promotion Committee Membership

Faculty Promotions Committee (FPC)

A Faculty Promotions Committee (FPC) will normally be established for each faculty as follows.  The committee should incorporate appropriate diversity and representation, if necessary including appropriate professorial staff from another faculty.  

In cases where a non-professorial member becomes a candidate for promotion themselves, they should step down from the committee altogether and a substitute non-professorial member should be found instead.

In attendance (without voting rights):

NOTE:  Heads of School do not attend either FPC1 or FPC2 in their faculty (but can observe FPCs in other faculties).  Full and informed details relating to an individual case will be provided within the Head of School report with further School/Department specific clarification provided within the School Contextual Report.

 [1] The Pro Vice-Chancellor will attend the FPC2 only.  The FPC1 will be chaired by the Dean.

University Promotions Committee (UPC)

In attendance:

In attendance (without voting rights):