Leaving the University

The following information, together with the Leaver Guidance and Checklist for Line Managers & Employees (Office document, 39kB), is intended to guide staff and managers through the process to be followed where a member of staff decides they would like to leave the University.   This includes leaving in order to start drawing occupational pension benefits (see Accessing your Pension Benefits‌ for further information).

Step 1:  Employee submits resignation letter

Staff wishing to leave the University should submit a formal letter to their manager confirming their intended last day of employment.  Staff should ensure that they give appropriate contractual notice as detailed in the terms and conditions of employment for staff on grades A to I (para 6.1) and staff on grades J and above (para 5.1).  These are minimum notice periods and staff may choose to give more notice than this if they wish to. Staff leaving their current position to transfer to an alternative position within the University should detail this within their resignation letter to their manager. 

Staff wishing to access their pension benefits are strongly encouraged to contact the Pensions Team to determine eligibility and to obtain a pension estimate before deciding whether to submit their resignation. 

If, having determined eligibility and obtained a pension estimate, the member of staff decides that they wish to proceed, they should submit a formal letter as outlined above and also liaise directly with the Pensions Team regarding the arrangements for their pension. 

Step 2:  Manager forwards resignation letter to Faculty/Divisional HR Team

The University will generally always accept a formal resignation provided that appropriate contractual notice has been given.  Once this has been submitted, it cannot be retracted by the individual unless the University agrees to accept the retraction. 

On acceptance of a resignation letter, the manager should forward it to the relevant Faculty/Divisional HR Team.  The manager should then refer to the Leaver Guidance and Checklist for Line Managers & Employees (Office document, 39kB) and complete the essential actions listed.

Step 3:  HR, Payroll and Pensions follow-up action

Formal acknowledgement of resignation

Provided that sufficient contractual notice has been given, the Faculty/Divisional HR Team will formally acknowledge the resignation and will update the individual’s HR record.  They will also notify the Payroll and Pensions Team so that appropriate action can be taken.

Employee action before leaving

Employees who are leaving the University should ensure they complete the following steps relating to pay and pensions before they leave:

Annual Leave

Where a member of staff leaves part way through an annual leave year, annual leave is accrued on a pro rata basis for full months of employment completed up to the last day of service. Annual leave should be taken before the member of staff leaves unless agreed otherwise with the member of staff’s manager.  Where it is agreed with the manager that it is not possible for the member of staff to take all of their accrued annual leave, this may be paid up in lieu when the employment ends.  Similarly, where the individual has already taken annual leave in excess of their pro rata entitlement, the University will notify the employee and adjust their final pay to reflect this. In all cases, the line manager is responsible for confirming to Payroll whether any action is required in relation to annual leave so that relevant adjustments to the employee’s final pay can be made.

Final Pay

Staff leaving the University will receive their final month’s pay on the normal pay day for that month, regardless of leaving date.


The Payroll Team will forward a P45 form to the member of staff as soon as possible following their last day of employment. The P45 is a record of the member of staff’s pay and the tax that has been taken from it so far in the tax year.  The member of staff will need this to give to any new employer.  Please note that the P45 cannot be reissued so it is important that the individual checks their postal address is correct in MyERP.


Members of staff who belong to one of the University's occupational pension schemes and wish to access their pension benefits immediately on leaving the University (subject to eligibility) should contact the Pensions Team as soon as possible, up to 4 months before their anticipated leaving date. This will ensure there is no delay to the start of payments. Members of staff who belong to a University pension scheme but will not be taking retirement upon leaving the University will be contacted directly by USS/Legal & General (as applicable). 

Leaving details

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) requires the University to keep a record of the post-leaving activity and location for all employees leaving the University.  Staff leaving the University are therefore asked to provide this information prior to leaving.  This information is submitted via an Exit Questionnaire form in MyERP.  Where an individual has a particular issue of concern that they would like to discuss further, they should contact the HR Team.