Emeritus Academic Regulations

When a professor leaves the University, consideration should be given locally as to whether they might be eligible to be awarded the title of Emeritus Professor.  

Emeritus title

1 Any award of the title of Emeritus Professor is made entirely at the discretion of the university.


2 Subject to paragraph 4 below, if the following criteria apply the professor will normally be offered the title of Emeritus Professor on leaving the University if:

(a) they have at least 20 years' service to the University including at least 5 years as a professor; or

(b)   they have been a professor for at least 10 years.

3 Consideration for an award of the title of Emeritus Professor may be given to any professor leaving the university (to whom paragraph 2 above does not apply) if they have given a significant contribution to the university as an academic leader for a significant period of time, subject to paragraph 4 below.

4  No professor shall be granted an Emeritus title if any of the following apply to them:

(a) they take up employment at another higher education institution (HEI) at any time.  This does not include an award of visiting or honorary professorship, or a fixed term position for less than 12 months with any HEI, provided (in all cases) that only a modest honorarium is paid.

(b) at the date they leave the university they have a live disciplinary record or are leaving the university with a disciplinary investigation pending.

(c) are guilty of any fraud or dishonesty or act in any manner which in the university’s opinion brings or is likely to bring the University into disrepute or is materially adverse to the university’s interests or business.

 5 The award of the Emeritus title does not automatically entitle the academic to honorary status at the university.  If the Emeritus Professor is offered honorary status, they will be required to sign an honorary contract setting out the terms of the relationship and to provide access University facilities (such as a University email address, IT user ID, and/or Ucard).

Procedure for award of Emeritus Title

6 On receipt of the resignation from the professor, HR will liaise with either the Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor or Faculty Dean, and the Head of School and others as appropriate, to establish whether the professor qualifies for an award of the title of Emeritus Professor under the criteria in either paragraphs 2 or 3 above; and, subject to paragraph 4, will then make a decision whether to grant the title of Emeritus Professor. 

7  HR will administer the award of any Emeritus Professor title.

8 HR will prepare annual reports for Senate on each year’s awards of emeritus title and any rescission of title (subject to data protection obligations).

Rescission of an Emeritus title

9 The Emeritus Professor may relinquish their emeritus title at any time by writing to their Head of School. 

10 The award of (or rescission of) an emeritus title is entirely at the discretion of the University.

11 A decision to rescind an emeritus title will normally be made by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and/or a Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of Head of School, and/or Faculty Dean and/or the Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor.

12 In the event of rescission, the Faculty Dean will notify the emeritus academic in writing of the decision to rescind the emeritus title. 

Last Updated; March 2024