Associate Account Policy

1. Purpose of Policy

An Associate account can be given to any person that requires access to the University’s buildings, libraries and/or IT systems for a significant period. Individuals who require an Associate account will not be undertaking an academic role.

2. Scope

This document defines the criteria and process to be followed in giving a person an Associate account

3. What is an Associate account?

An Associate account can be given to any person that requires access to the University’s buildings, libraries and/or IT systems for a significant period. Unlike an Academic Honorary, they will not be fulfilling an academic role and will therefore fall into one of the following Identity Types:

More information on these identity types can be found on the Identity and Access Management hub

The following groups should not be given Associate accounts:

4. What is required?

An existing contract with their Organisation

Before an Associate account is provisioned, there must be an appropriate agreement in place covering the work to be undertaken. The nature of this will vary and will be specific to the reason for the association with the University.  

This could be an agreement between the individual and the University (e.g. consultancy contract for services, work experience placement letter, etc) or an agreement between the individual’s employer and the University (e.g. supplier contract, research agreement, collaboration agreement, partnership agreement, agency contract, etc.). 

If further advice is required on this subject please contact the appropriate contact as detailed in the Contracts - who to go to document (PDF).


Individuals using an Associate account to access University premises are responsible for the security and safety of any personal possessions. If required, they should arrange appropriate insurance themselves, as the University has very limited contingent insurance cover for visitors’ property.

Both Employers Liability and Public Liability insurance policies are held in the event the University is held legally liable for death, injury or work-related illness of Associates or H/V Academics.

The University does not have personal accident insurance and therefore are advised to make their own arrangements.

DBS Checks

If a DBS check is required, please follow advice on the DBS policy page

5. Roles and Responsibilities


Individuals receiving an Associate account will always have a Sponsor, who must be a University of Bristol staff member. They are responsible for:

Honorary & Associate Administrators

Honorary & Associate Administrators (also referred to as Coordinators) are based locally within Faculties/Schools/Divisions and are responsible for supporting the Sponsor and facilitating arrangements. They ensure that: 

 School/Section Manager

School Managers (in faculties) and Section Managers (in Professional Services) are ultimately responsible for the appointment. They are required to approve any request for an Associate Account. They must ensure that the Sponsor is aware of their responsibilities.   

6. How do I request an Associate Account? 

Guidance for how to complete the Request Form is available on the MyERP support site

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The university complies with the GDPR &DPA 2018 and all information is processed in accordance with this legislation .

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Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

In developing this policy we have followed our process for Inclusive Decision Making to help create a working environment where people feel welcomed, valued, and supported.

Inclusive Decision-Making – our institutional approach to equality impact assessment


Last updated April 2024.