Waste management guide


Recycle all aerosols containing non-hazardous materials, such as deodorant, furniture polish and air fresheners by booking a collection via Sustainability. If your aerosols contain hazardous materials, such as paints, adhesives and insecticides follow hazardous waste procedures.  


Batteries must be recycled in one of the special battery bin locations see this list for the location battery tube location list (PDF, 15kB) . Batteries can damage the environment due to the toxic chemicals and heavy metals within them, so sending them to landfill is illegal. Please don’t put them in general waste bins, but follow the battery disposal procedure (PDF, 44kB) 

CDs and DVDs

First, follow Information Security’s guidelines to work out whether your disc contains confidential information or not. If it does, please contact us so we can arrange for it to be securely destroyed. If it doesn’t, please send it straight to us in the internal post system, and we’ll recycle it. Follow normal plastic disposal procedures to recycle CD and DVD cases 

Confidential waste

Hard drives, memory sticks, data protection, personal data, shredding, uniforms, clothing, logos, sensitive information, etc.

Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes are usually changed by the Estates team and stored safely in large fluorescent containers, but if you have any that aren’t dealt with by the Estates team, please contact us for advice on how to dispose of them. 


Tables, chairs, skips, office moves, metal, etc. 

Please use Re-Store (UoB access only) to advertise your unwanted office items and find items other offices no longer need.


Bottles, jars, pyrex, etc. 

Hazardous waste

Asbestos, biological waste, chemical waste, clinical and medical waste, sharps, radioactive waste, thermometers, mercury, burners, etc. 

Kitchen (catering/commercial)

Oil, kegs, etc. 

Kitchen (office)

Food, caddy, cans, tins, foil, clingfilm, pots, etc. 

Lab waste

Autoclave, glass, pyrex, etc. 


Cardboard, Tetrapak, cartons, polystyrene, etc. 


Newspapers, magazines, books, directories, post-its, envelopes, etc.

Pens and markers     

Any brand and type of pens and markers made of plastic can be recycled. Please send them to Sustainability in the internal mail.  


Bottles, cups, tubs, pots, Vegware, etc. 

Printer and toner cartridges

All brands and type of cartridge can be recycled, so please don’t throw any in general waste bins. Repackage them in their original box, and send to the Estates Assistants in 1-9 Old park Hill. 


Skips can be booked by placing an order through Proactis with ETM.  

The University agreed pricing . Skip waste is segregated at a waste transfer station and we normally get a 100% recycling rate from skip bookings. 


Electrical, computers, IT, fridges, freezers, etc. 


Furniture, pallets, sawdust, etc. 

Reusing furniture and office supplies

Please use Re-Store (UoB access only) to advertise your unwanted office items and find items other offices no longer need.


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