Smart heating for student halls

New technology has offered a smarter way to heat University rooms.

Rooms in halls used to be heated to the same level whether students were present, or on campus in lectures. This wastes carbon and costs a great deal, as well as resulting in rooms that were too warm for some.

In 2013 a new electronic radiator valve with an inbuilt timer and thermostat was developed, allowing occupants to call for extra heat for a limited time when they need it, and thus improving comfort. We have seen very positive reactions from students being able to regulate their heaters.

Heat is supplied at different background levels appropriate to day and night temperatures; the room is never allowed to become so cold as to have an unacceptable warm-up time.

The project is an example of successful collaboration with an external company on a highly innovative project, which saved about 200 tonnes of CO2a year.

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