Students and staff benefit from resource management training

Experts from our Sustainability Team share best practice across the University, equipping our students and staff with the tools to make a real difference.

Hundreds of staff, ranging from building managers to lab technicians and site inspectors, have taken part in expert-led training on how to follow 'Waste Smart' principles. The courses, which are accredited by the Charted Institute of Waste Management (CIWM), help people understand the environmental impact of their decisions, significantly informing their attitudes and behaviour towards resource management at work, at home, and in the wider community.

Engaging our students in the principles of resource management

The Sustainability Team also offer a student-focused course, which encourages students to think about the basics of what constitutes waste. As part of the training, students analyse waste data from bins around campus. The experience not only develops students' critical consciousness, encouraging them to think about their own approach, but also motivates them to engage others in the issues - leading to a wider understanding of, and engagement with, waste and resource management right across the University.

Results highlights

Hundreds of students and staff have increased their understanding of waste and resource management, thanks to the free training.

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